2015 TALK: Erfurt, American Culture and Education


Halle University, Germany conference on American Studies and teacher training dealing with “Aspects of American Culture“, Erfurt, Germany from March 20-21, 2015 “to a selected audience of teachers, who are interested in various issues concerning American culture and literature” and their practical consideration in the English classroom.

Jena Prog Conf YODaS march 15

This teacher training is an annual event jointly organized by the Muhlenberg Center for American Studies (MCAS), the federal departments responsible for teacher trainings and school development of Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt (Thillm and LISA), the U.S. Consulate General Leipzig, and the U.S. Embassy Berlin.

Presentation Title: American Yodas: the Representation of Teaching and Learning in U.S. Film,News and Social Media.


For commentary on one of the workshops, see https://kinowords.wordpress.com/2015-adjusting-the-lecturing-and-teaching-trained-incapacities/