Mentoring EU Teachers @ the Kulturring, Berlin


Teaching the Teachers:


“Alan Taylor, ein Absolvent der Londoner Filmschule, problematisierte in seinem Part die Inszenierung von kurzen Filmscripts mit Hilfe von Storyboards und Kameraplänen und motivierte alle, sich mehr Gedanken über die Bilderfolge in den Spielfilmen zu machen. Fünf Zweiergruppen verfilmten ein einseitiges Drehskript im Haus der Ernststraße und analysierten anschließend die unterschiedlichen Bildabfolgen – selten gab es während einer Fortbildung so viel zu lachen wie bei dieser Aufgabe „ Armin Hottmann, Programme Leader, Kulturring, Berlin.



April, 2007: Alan was Guest Worksop Leader for a film pre-production workshop for the Media Across the Curriculum initiative, Berlin:

The one-week programme introduced teachers from a range of related disciplines to the ethos, practice and some dilemmas in bringing aspects of Media Education into the classroom. The schedule included work on digital editing (Apple Pro-Cut) and aspects of using media in areas of history and science.

Alan was invited to introduce aspects of screenwriting/reading and how this translates to actual production planning. Participants were introduced to a one-page script and invited to design their own individual storyboard first as solos then in pairs.

‘Letting Go’: For the afternoon, polished versions of the storyboards were then exchanged across teams for filming and “creative development”.


The day was completed with a very open and celebratory viewing the work in progress and, finally, the presentation of a short film – also one minute – as produced at the London Film School (Raging Walls, w.d, Ramadan Sulleymann, 1988). Core pedagogic issues that were raised:

  • how to anticipate production challenges in lesson planning

  • the intricacies in reading scripts for production (text, audience)

  • encouraging productive dialogue & familiarity of technical terms before the filming and editing process

  • duplicating professional practice as best we can

The ten (great) participants involved in the workshop were from: Estonia, Spain, Portugal, Eire, Italy, Rumania, Turkey, Poland, Cyprus, and Sweden.

Finally, references from Course Organizer Armin Hottmann covering Alan’s contribution to the programme are here:


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