S. Africa: Student Audits on Professor Dr. Taylor and Highlights

ist of courses from scripting to productionSA

Lecturer, Film Programme, TUT, YEARS 1, 2, 3, March 2nd & 3rd 2010, Semester 1
Certified Copies of all original documentation care of Petro Christie: Film Program Main Office, Promos.

Alan Vanity Africa Day


Year 1 Fim  Audit, TUT

Comments on Dr. Taylor’s Teaching Philosophy & Practice, Year 1
1. “Let the students find the answers before you give it to them straight” I think this encourages students to think for themselves, but not sure we always know what knowledge to take away from a lesson.
2. Satisfactory. I like that he lets us figure things out before he elaborates on questions or statements. He focuses on the subject at hand and does not deviate to irrelevant topics which I think is very important – so thanks for that.
3. He always allows us to think for ourselves about a question rather than just telling us the answers. Makes us more individual & really think about the topic.
4. You can see he has been in the business a long time & knows what he is talking about
5. He is very straightforward. He is good at what he goes. And on point.
6. He is a kind of teacher who always allows a student to be right. He gives time for us to comment and engage with us easily.
7. He is an excellent teacher who wants to let us know more & to focus. He is good in what he does & I believe that by the end of this year I would be full with information
8. He is open-minded and allows us to explore films which broaden our perception of film/movies. I have become more confident to express my thoughts on movies and see them better than I did before.
9. His teaching philosophy is good.
10. His classes are on point. Very informative. He helps me look at things I take for granted. He’s pretty cool so far.
11. Mr. Taylor evidently tries to encourage the students to participate in class discussions and makes himself very approachable. However, his knowledge and depth can come across as intimidating, making students less likely to express their own opinions.
12. Very professional.
13. I like the fact that we can think for ourselves and have a debate amongst ourselves in the class. I have become more confident in watching movies and understanding.
14. So far he is an excellent teacher. He knows his job. He is very enthusiastic, focused, straight to the point. He makes you as a student to be eased but at the same time gaining knowledge on movies. And the industry as well. So I will give him 9/10 “so far so good”.
15. He teaches you how to analyze movies in a different manner – he gives the knowledge that is inside of him
16. He always lets the class engage in class-discussions and that brings forth a lot of different opinions, which lets you (us/our class) think more out of the box.
17. He wants us to see the factors involved in his subject, and then he discusses it with the class. I think it is effective, so we can learn to do it.
18. I think he is a very good teacher overall. Regarding the students he is very open to share knowledge. Always laughing/smiling, so it is a fun class to be in.
19. He’s got his own way of teaching and we are enjoying his lesson. He knows how to analyze movies in a knowledgeable way.
20. He is very insightful and you learn a lot from is normal class engagements.
21. You are very engaging in certain aspects and I think the class respects your knowledge of film and teaching methods.
22. Look at film in a simple way and break it down Tends to let the learner spread his wings and speak his mind.
23. Your opinion always counts and someone might just benefit some knowledge from that opinion.
24. He interacts with the class constantly, which results in the student feel part of the discussion. He wants the students to think further and for themselves, only giving a hint here & there, but in the end the conclusion is developed by the student himself.
25. It is extremely exciting and fun. He makes a good effort to maintain our concentration.
26. Strange, but effective.
27. Very exciting and interesting. Keeps you on your toes.
28. Gets everyone to engage in class discussions & understanding how film is analysed.
29. Very intriguing. He makes me realize both literal and figurative aspects of film theory & criticism. Broadens my thought processing.
30. He is an interactive teacher and also quite engaging. Film theory and criticism has been rejuvenated due to Mr. Taylor’s teaching methods. Quite inspiring.
31. Lots of interaction between students. Teaches us to think differently.
32. Think further beyond the basics. To the underlying secrets of film.
33. Always interesting, thoughtful and fun. You always feel like you learned more.
34. Interesting classes, always ask questions to draw the class into the discussions and he keeps your attention for the whole lesson.
35. Is very understandable and makes the class very interesting. Enjoy it very much!
36. Gives great and interesting classes.
37. He asks me questions on information taught and he gives us ALL the info properly presented, with clarity and very good quality.

Year 2

Year 3 audit tut

Comments on Dr. Taylor’s Teaching Philosophy & Practice
1. I don’t know what a teaching philosophy is but whatever Mr. Taylor is doing is very good and effective. We are all happy and feel we are learning and expanding our knowledge.
2. Love it, very professional and engaging…
3. He’s very much for student engagement in his lessons…
4. Very positive and satisfactory
5. He’s a nice lad. Experienced and willing to share the knowledge
6. Very engaging & informative. A very advanced education. A little bit intimidating. But fun!
7. Students have no excuse not to give 100% in class when they are led by example
8. Mr. Taylor presents intriguing, intellectual discussion groups that help us appreciate, remember and admire the leaders in our collaborative art form. Thank you
9. Always spot on and there is a reason for each assignment or lesson
10. It’s great. The best classes we have had. We’ve learned more in 3 classes than all last year in the same subject. Class is very interesting and educational. We remember what we are taught.
11. Excellent
12. His teaching philosophy is unorthodox but effective and he also has the ability to inspire students and make lectures fun.
13. To the point and very motivational
14. Structured and thought out to benefit students at their current level of understanding
15. If you want to be something or somebody and you’re not there yet – still practice and keep adopting more styles
16. Basic and straight to the point
17. We learn something new in each of his classes which we never did last year
18. Very good
19. Exciting & challenging in the sense that we are not only learning but thinking for a change too.
20. He is our mentor. Mr. Taylor is someone we can look up to.
21. Incredible! Absolutely extraordinary…


Year 3 audit tut


Comments on Dr. Taylor’s Teaching Philosophy & Practice, Year 3
1. Very well prepared, not bias at all, enlightening.
2. Very good. I very much adore the films we’re analysing in class and your interaction with students in/during class
3. Mr. Taylor gets us to think through am idea instead of just telling us all the answers
4. Offers original knowledge and all teachings are based on improving the student’s overall knowledge and ability to interpret films.
5. Vey professional – I appreciate that. Inspiring to learn more!
6. Interesting and entertaining.
7. He knows what he is talking about and that…makes it easy for us the students to understand him
8. He wishes that the students take part in the class rather than expecting him to feed us with the “answers” which I think is very productive
9. The information is sufficient and proves to be educational but leaves room for self researching.
10. I enjoy his class. He has a lot of knowledge which we can benefit from.
11. It’s very well organised and the standard is high. However I feel Mr. Taylor isn’t that approachable and this for me is an issue when not understanding something.
12. I like the way Mr. Taylor gives class. I learn something new every time.
13. Mr. Taylor brought in a new way of thinking and teaching that was much needed in the program. His classes are the best we have received in years.
14. Fun and very insightful.
15. Answers to student’s questions can be sometimes vague.
16. –
17. –
18. –
19. Very knowing in the subject. Knows what he is talking about. All that bothers me is that some of the words and phrases are just too high up for me as an individual to understand sometimes.
20. Mr. Taylor’s classes are very structured and (he) has an excellent knowledge of his subject.
21. Mr. Taylor’s classes are interesting and rich in education. I am sure everyone learns a lot during his interactive classes.
22. Mr. Taylor’s classes are really good – learn each and every day something new. Thanx Mr. Taylor.
23. I would describe it as in-depth and very informative. Mr. Alan Taylor gets the entire class thinking and involved.
24. Excellent! Constantly learning something new and seeing previously learnt work in a new more understandable way! Since Mr. Taylor’s arrival things have been running smoothly. Thank you.

For copies of original documentation see Film Programme Main Office, Premos.


HIGHIGHTS here http://www.slideshare.net/kinowords/kinowords-in-south-africa

Dr. Alan Taylor leading the Convocation, May 3rd 2010

Dr. Alan Taylor leading the Convocation, May 3rd 2010

AT FilmProgramme shoot Premos 2013

newfilmsatut greg cs team



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