Critical Practice/ Screenwriting

There are currently no less than six screenplay projects in various stages of development. In total they draw upon recent advances in transmedia storytelling, immersive cinema, and animation technologies.

Currach Film & Media.

“…being made of wickerwork and hide, it was lightweight, capable of negotiating both shallow waters and rough seas, and did not require a harbour.” Irish National Gallery.

SHORTS –  Aristotle, Lenin, Virginia Woolf & Katherine Mahon.These are the first such film/media projects that will comprise an on-going series that explore the teaching and learning moment across the ages.

  1. THE SEMINAR. An Oedipal struggle for the ages. A modestly designed production – just four men in a cave. One is the celebrated teacher Aristotle, 42, and another his student – the newly-appointed Regent, Alexander, the future Emperor. The problem? How to teach the difficult teenage student the three-act-structure. Two bored but anxious bodyguards look on . Tensions rise. Everyone carries a knife. STATUS: the completed 20 pp. is  HERE
  2.  STREETWALKERS: Drawing on the April 1943 essay Lenin In Zurich by Vaeriu Marcu. Written on the occasion of a recent visit to Zurich and the 100 anniversary of the Russian Revolution. STATUS: 20 pp. Available HERE.
  3. THE LETTER (working title). A letter invitation returns the Virginia Woolf of 1941 to a younger Virginia Stephens teaching at Morley College.  – research and treatment
  4. SISTER of LITERACY (working title) – Catherine Mahon,  teacher, activist & first female President of the Irish National Teacher’s Organization. Research.



  1. An adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s novella HEART OF DARKNESS ( 160. pp).          The voice of Kurtz – and its compelling ability to persuade listeners and generate from that a cult following – gives the story a strong contemporary relevance. – and a familiar story even for those who have never read it. Yet there has never been a cinema version of it. The script is available on request HERE.
  2. WHATEVER (130. pp). A satiric parable of our time and set in Texas Trumpland, USA. What happens when the fly in your eye upsets your entire world and the loving community turns you into a loser? The narrative follows Travis Wright – family man and gun seller – as he hits the open road in search of his creative source. In the land of frauds and tricksters like himself, how does he become renowned singer/songwriter Pioneer Bill? The episodic story draws upon advances in transmedia storytelling and is in the tradition of the picaresque novel, with film/genre references that allude to Ford, Hitchcock, Malick, Fred Zimmerman, the Coen Brothers, Wim Wenders and Barry Levinson. The final note is a tribute to David Lynch. The script is available on request here HERE.


  1. PLACE BY THE RIVER A prequel to WHATEVER. A full-length 120 min Western that explores the relationship from 1811 to 1861 between Abigail and her lost father William Wright – former Ohio homesteader turned killer, frontier wildman, Texas Republican, and now aged mountain man. How do they get her extended family to California?
  2.  AS YOU LAY DYING  – a Claude Monet bio. Towards a full length script based on his struggles with a particular sequence of paintings.
  3. SIX IRISH SPECIALS – adaptation of Irish short stories.








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