Alan Taylor Heading TUT Film Programme Convocation of 2010

Besides his excellent teaching record, Dr. Taylor is a prolific researcher and superbly productive writer. He seems to have a knack for identifying new developments in film, media and their studies. Dr. Taylor appears to be that rare case of a scholar who is equally strong in teaching as well as academic research…”  Professor, Winfried Fluck (ret), John F. Kennedy Institute of North American Studies, Berlin. (JFKI)

This Weblog is designed to briefly introduce the various work activities of Dr. Alan Taylor (Oxon) in the specialist areas of Film Studies and Media Education as these have developed from the UK, to Germany, Eastern Europe and South Africa.

Oxford Matriculation on the Berlin desk!
Oxford Matriculation on the Berlin desk!

I have focused my teaching on literature, film & media since graduating from both the London Film School, the Institute of Education, University of London and the Department of Education, Oxford University. My core specialist  interest in film is screenwriting in which I have acted as consultant, University lecturer and workshop leader.


I am a member of

  • The Screenwriting Research Network
  • The European Network for Cinema and Media Studies
  • The International Association for Media Education.
  • The Oxford University Education Society.
  • & Associate Member of the London Film School.

At the core of my pedagogic practice is an abiding enagement with Media Literacy and advancing rhetorical empowerment, whether that be in film, media or the written word.

SOUTH AFRICA: My lecturing role in South Africa (2009-2014) combined courses in Motion Picture Production, Film Theory and Criticism and Research Methodology. Professorial duties embraced curricular development, conference attendance and paper presentations (London, Cape Town), community work and expanding the international profile of the TUT Film Programme (ie, securing CILECT membership). Invitations were also accepted to be an External Examiner for the Department of Visual Communication at Open Window (Pretoria) and Course Verifier/Consultant (Film and Media) for the Quality Committee of the South African Council of Higher Education, also in Pretoria.




Mavericks in Action: New Hollywood, New Rhetoric, and Kenneth Burke (pp. 334). Now published.

“Film Mavericks in Action critically considers the work of four pivotal film director rhetors – Peter Bogdanovich, Martin Scorsese, Michael Cimino and Francis Ford Coppola. Their varied career arcs are contextualized by a panoramic account that, from the 1920s to the present, considers Hollywood primarily as a “languaged industry”, a symbolic Order, grounded in principles of identification, hierarchy, courtship and burdened with its own ambiguities of substance. The study thus draws upon the prodigious work of literary theorist, philosopher, social analyst and educator Kenneth Burke (1897-1993)”.

VOLUME 1 21st Century Film, TV and Media School (November, 2016, 476 pp.). 

This is a collection of extended chapters by film and media specialists from across the technical disciplines. Alan Taylor is the project’s initiator (CILECT Congress, Cape Town, 2012), wrote its Introductory Chapter, and served as one of its four co-editors. It is the first such publication from CILECT – The International Association of Film and Television Schools (Centre International de Liaison des Ecoles de Cinéma et de Télévision). As of January 2017 copies of the book were distributed to its chapter authors and member institutions around the world. 2018 update – now available as e-book here.

VOLUME 2: 2019: Co-editor, The 21st Century Film, TV & Media School Book Project, Volume 2.  Editing and assembly of this volume is now underway (Winter 2018-2019). The book will be available for the CILECT 2019 Congress in Moscow. It will comprise of chapters from practicing lecturers that focus on the teaching and learning the art and craft of film direction. The editing team remains the same:  Alan Taylor, CILECT Director Prof. Dr. Stanislav Semerdjiev, President Prof. Dr. Maria Dora Mourão & Dr. Cecilia Mello, Universidade de São Paulo, Department of Film, Radio and Television. Announcement details are here.



Jacobean VIsions: Webster, Hitchcock and Google Culture

We, the media...On the representation of news broadcasting in Hollywood cinema, and a lot more...


Finally, student’s work based on an assignment asking

What IS Independent Cinema?:

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